Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well I haven't been in front of the computer much, everyone in my house has either had a cold or has had the flu. So I have had not much time to myself.  Today seems like a good day, I have no energy must be coming down with it too. 
I have started this blogging to make money they so call you can make, So I am neive to try it. I am really interested in seeing if it really works, and hey if it does I will surely let you know, my only question really is...Can you make money sitting in front of your computer doing absolutely nothing but putting words into a box and expect to make a ton of money?  Im going to check and see if it works and I just need your help to do it, it don't cost you anything, I just want to do a practice run and see for my very own eyes.
I'm going to post a link you are to click on it and see what comes up, suppose to take you to a page, don't worry its not a virus or worm or trojen, I couldn't do that to someone, I can hardly type... Well here it goes
Want to make tons of MONEY try this site out and it will tell you how just as it told me http://www.google.com/
its where you work for google and they will pay you Hmm check it out you will never know till you try it out plus its free...let me know what you find out.